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Saturday, July 10, 2010

10 Places to visit in Antipolo

Antipolo offers endless possible activities that will suit your personality and travel moods. So if you are into nostalgia, ecological and religious discovery, overlooking in a sweet dark evening on top of the hill...Tayo na sa Antipolo! 

1.Antipolo Cathedral - The home of Antipolo's renowned miraculous icon, the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (Nuestra SeƱora de la Paz Y Buenviaje). If you are planning to go out of the country, this is the perfect place to pray for a safe journey.
Where: Town Proper of Antipolo

2.Boso-Boso Church - this is indeed a long-standing church; a remnant of war and geo-physical alterations, enduring all that with its full magnificence. Wild vines embracing the old stones scenario will give every visitor nostalgic flashbacks of what we were under the Spanish era. It was the same church where the foreign war movie, Hamburger Hill (1987), was filmed. Town rumor says Americans were digging treasures underneath the church while shooting the said movie. Conducive spot for educational trips and a site for a moment of peace and quiet.
Where: Sitio Boso-Boso, Brgy. San Jose

3. Pinagmisahan (Via Dolorosa) - On top of Pinagmisahan Hills are the enormous White Cross and the outsized image of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. It is a grotto-like hill that welcomes pilgrims from everywhere. Expect to encounter life-sized images of the station-of-the-cross along the way to the top of the hill to sacredly reflect the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Observe silence at all times because it is considered as a sacred place. No cameras and food allowed inside.
Where: The highest peak along Kaytikling Road

4. Hamaka Park - Hamaka Park got its name from an old transportation mode of AntipoleƱos -- traveling women or their leaders through hammocks or hamaka. It has bronze figures of Antipolo's mark of distinction such as the hamaka tradition, Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage and town sellers of the City's major products (suman, mangga and kasoy).
Where: P. Oliveros Street

5. Hinulugang Taktak - proclaimed as a national historical shrine in 1990, the waterfalls is a part of Antipolo's ecological and cultural heritage. It has a meditation area where it offers physical and spiritual cleansing for pilgrims. The water is used to be known for its energetic lift that revitalizes waning mental, physical and emotional state. That was before when it was not yet misused and abused. DENR-PAWB rehabilitated the tourist spot and developed it as a national park. It now has a swimming pool, picnic spots and other amenities suitable for family outings. Catch cultural play and concerts in front of the waterfalls during the month of May. A must-try for those who loves to come into contact with both arts of nature and arts of culture.
Where: Taktak Road, Barangay Dela Paz

6. Mystical Cave -One must overcome 205 steps in order to reach the gate of this cave. It has said to have natural stalactite and stalagmite formations of religious images such as the Pieta, Holy Trinity, Mount of Calvary, Holy Spirit, Nazarene, Madonna and Child, etc. A tour guide will lead you inside this dark cold cave while he explains the figures and how they were formed. This is in fact a popular place for filmmakers. Pedro Penduko, Spirit Warriors, Dyesebel, Marina, Engkantadia and Asian Treasures are some of the movies and TV series filmed inside the cave. You can actually see remnants of props used by the movie production. An interesting spelunking adventure everyone should explore. Best to come by every holy week. They allow pilgrims to sleep over inside the cave during Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. But eating inside is strictly prohibited.

Outside the cave has a makeshift space which serves as a gallery for historical photos and articles, prepared by Inday Nelly Deles. She is said to be the ‘owner' or the ‘caretaker' of Mystical Cave. Originally from Iloilo, she ‘discovered' the cave through the ‘voice' from her dreams. 
Where: Puting Bato, Brgy. San Luis

7. PACEM Ecology Park - Its main attraction is the exclusive garden for live butterflies. Not only for entomologist wannabes but also for folks who appreciate the beautiful gift of nature. Check out their mini-zoo, herbal garden and museum of seashells, butterflies, and moths pulled together from different parts of the world.
Where: Inside Assumption Antipolo along Sumulong Highway

8. Overlooking View - A spot where you can enjoy the spectacular view of Metro Manila. You can park yourself alone in one of the nipa huts owned by various Resto-Bar for some serious soul searching, or be with your special someone and take advantage on the cold romantic mood, or perhaps chill out with your best buddies and toss down some booze.
Where: Along Sumulong Highway

9. Ynares Center - Antipolo is in great audacity about this 350 million peso state-of-the-art coliseum which is considered as a landmark of the city. Just the right place for PBA game fanatics, motor racing aficionados and music concert followers.
Where: Corner P. Oliveros St. and Circumferential Road

10. Valley Golf and Country Club - Perfect haven for the golf enthusiasts. Designed by Jas H. Scott in 1961, this site is one of the Golf great hideaways promoted by the Department of Tourism for its distinct championship course. This is a semi-private golf course covered with high-class greens of Tifton 328 variety. The terrain offers a contour that will guarantee you that no two shots will be identical. Enjoy their indoor facilities such as golfer's lounge, function room, boardroom, changing rooms, snack bar and massage room. For those who want to go swimming for further relaxation, this place is just right for you.

Antipolo has the greatest view int he Manila especially at night. You'll see how beautiful Manila is. My husband and I celebrated his birthday at Steak House in Antipolo he food was so great though the view was so foggy because it rained hard that day but we've been there twice and witnessed the beauty of Antipolo.


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